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Baseline Mansionization/Baseline Hillside (BMO/BHO) Code Amendment

Four public hearings for case number CPC-2015-3484-CA are being held to address the proposed Zoning Code amendment to modify single family zone regulations. This Code has been initiated by City Council Motion (Council File #14-0656).
These are public hearings to allow public discussion and submission of written information relating to the proposed project.
The proposed ordinance amending the Los Angeles Municipal Code is to establish new regulations for all single-family zoned properties including the RA, RE, RS, and R1 Zones.
AIA SFV Board member Jonathan Gilliam, AIA will be attending and if anyone has any comments please contact Jonathan and he will try to get them addressed during the hearings.
The Baseline Mansionization/Baseline Hillside (BMO/BHO) Code Amendment may be downloaded by clicking here
Jonathan Gilliam, AIA – 818.990.0391 Ext 103 or

On-the-Job Training (OJT) – How OJT Works

OJT Requirements
On-the-Job Training is a contractual agreement in which the employer must agree to.
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Indemnification Legislation Introduced in California Legislature

We will keep you informed of the progress of SB 885. And if you receive a message from AIACC Director of Legislative Affairs, Mark Christian in the coming months urging you to contact your State Senator, our hope is for you to find the time to respond.
See the AIACC article and the link to the California senate Bill 885 – click here

Resilience by Design” is now an active City of Los Angeles project

We are all aware that a large magnitude earthquake is going to influence Los Angeles in the near future. The City of Angels was recently ranked the most vulnerable metropolis in the world outside of Asia.
However, knowing that Los Angeles is long overdue for a large magnitude earthquake and comprehending what the effect of the earthquake will have on Los Angeles, are two very different things.
Los Angeles’s Mayor Eric Garcetti has announced that the L.A. city administration will partner with U.S. Geological Survey seismologist Dr. Lucile M. Jones to develop earthquake resilience strategies for Los Angeles. The document that has been issued is titled Resilience by Design” (click here to download the document)
Dr. Jones intention is to work with the city administration to determine criteria to protect the vulnerable infrastructure that will include water supply, power, communications, firefighting and both private and government owned structures in Los Angeles that will be subject to the effects of an earthquake.

The AIA SFV 29th Annual Installation & Design Awards Banquet

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2016 AIA SFV President and Board Installation

Award winner presentations

Fellowship at the Design Awards Banquet

AIA SFV 20th Annual Golf Tournament 

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 2015 AIA/SFV Scholarship Awards Woodbury University

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IDP Design Award Winners

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Programs & Events

Breakfast Program

July Breakfast Program


Evening Program

Stock Building Supply – Wednesday July 20th – see the July Newsletter

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The Design Awards

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