As required by the Bylaws, the Chapter has four Basic Committees:

a. Nominations
b. Membership
c. Government Affairs
d. Program

Other Standing Committees are designated by the Board and Additional Standing Committees can be created by the Board. Ad Hoc, or special purpose, committees may be created at any time by the President, with the approval of the Board. Committee chairs are appointed by the President, with the approval of the Board. Associate members may serve on any committee, but may chair only those committees which deal exclusively with Associate Members’ matters.

Committee members are appointed by the Chair, with the approval of the Board.


This committee selects the nominees for officers, AIACC Representative and Members of the Board of Directors of the AIA/SFV and also conducts the elections.

The committee consists of four members selected by the President and approved by the Board. Three members of the committee are currently sewing on the board. The sitting president is not on this committee.

The main purpose of the committee is to follow the Bylaws which stipulate dates and procedure for carrying out the nominating process and election.


The purpose of this committee is to coordinate the recruitment of new members.

Any Chapter member may be on this committee, but preferably a present or past Board member, and one who has a broad knowledge of local practitioners.


This committee oversees the affairs of the Chapter as they relate to various government bodies and officials.

The Chair shall be a Board member and shall serve on the board of at least one other organization. In addition, it is desirable that the chair serve on the Government Affairs Committee of a Chamber of Commerce.


This committee coordinates the training and volunteer service of members in time of emergency.

Any Chapter member who has completed, or agrees to complete, the training program sponsored by the State Office of Emergency Services can participate in this committee. Chapter members who have received OES certification should participate in the training programs.


The committee coordinates the efforts of Chapter members aspiring to Fellowship and the Chair shall be a Fellow or a Past President of the Chapter, preferably both.


Takes responsibility for attempting to meet annual fundraising target as listed in approved Budget. Any Chapter member may participate.


The committee Chair serves as Editor of the Chapter newsletter and may be any Board member who has a demonstrated ability in writing and editing. Other members of the committee may be Chapter members appointed by the Editor and approved by the Board. The committee shall include one member responsible for advertising, who is known as the Advertising Manager.


This committee coordinates continuing education activities for Chapter members. The Chair may be any Chapter member, preferably one with expertise in forensics of structures. The committee plans programs of educational interest for Chapter members. Topics are technical in nature and may be presented by the chair or outside experts.


Any Board member may Chair this committee whose purpose is to coordinate efforts to achieve public recognition of the Chapter. It is useful for the previous year’s Design Awards Committee chair to serve in this position.


The purpose of this committee is to coordinate the pro bono activities of Chapter members in the area of urban design.

Any Board member may Chair this committee who is interested in responding to needs of public agencies for professional assistance in urban design projects within the Chapter boundaries. Such projects have included improvements for the Van Nuys Civic Center, design guidelines for the Ventura Boulevard Specific Plan neighborhoods, service to Habitat for Humanity, The Panorama City UDAT, the Sun Valley UDAT and the Northridge UDAT.


This committee coordinates the outreach programs and recruitment of new Student and Associate members and the Chair may be any Student or Associate member.


The Fund’s activities and the relationship between Chapter and Fund are managed by the Fund Committee.


This committee plans and produces all Chapter programs including the Installation of Officers and Design Awards program. The Chair of this committee is the Vice-President of the Chapter. Any member may serve on this committee.


The Chair may be any Chapter member who expresses an interest in architectural education, preferably one with professional ties to a school of architecture. The purpose of the committee is to coordinate relations with educational institutions.

* Scholarship participation and sponsorship
* The AIASFV Foundation
* Service to Woodbury University – School of Architecture
* Activities with the AIAS – Student Chapter at Woodbury University – School of Architecture
* Coordinated work with Julius Schulman Institute through the Woodbury University – School of
* Seminar Presentations for License Exam and Emerging Professionals – sponsored by the Chapter


Any Chapter member who expresses an interest in building codes and standards can participate in this committee to keep members informed about Code issues.


This committee puts on the annual Design Awards Program. The Chair shall be any member who is a principal of a firm and who has been licensed for at least ten years. The committee decides when each phase of the program will take place, thinking in terms of the amount of time it takes to properly notify participants and accomplish the tasks.


The Chair may be any Chapter member who expresses an interest in promoting the Chapter brand and image on the internet. Committee members should have knowledge of website preparation, regular updating and assisting the Chapter office and all other committees with mass mailing and website presentation.

COTE (Committee On The Environment)

The Committee on the Environment (COTE) works to advance, disseminate, and advocate—to the profession, the building industry, the academy, and the public—design practices that integrate built and natural systems and enhance both the design quality and environmental performance of the built environment. COTE serves as the community and voice on behalf of AIA architects regarding sustainable design and building science and performance.


The Chapter’s Emeritus members are forming a committee to outreach to the Associates and other members who can benefit from their experience in the profession.