Emeritus Profiles

Jerry Pollak, AIA-E

Murray Siegel, AIA‐E

These articles are part of a series profiling emeritus members of the AIASFV. Many of the members we will be profiling helped create the component as a free‐standing organization. Nearly all of our emeritus members have been part of the development of the San Fernando Valley and collectively have a treasure chest of rich history and wisdom to share. Stay tuned and stay in touch with our emeritus colleagues. The series spotlights our emeritus members and the purpose is partly to just simply keep in touch with colleagues, including some members who are no longer practicing or who may not be able to attend our meetings. The articles also are an attempt to give a glimpse into the experiences and careers of our architect peers. Why we choose to become architects, what inspired us and what guided us are the questions we don’t always ask ourselves until we have the time to reflect and give back.

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